Limited editions from Japan part 4

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti ‘Ferrari and Cornes 30th Anniversary’
Limited to 20 units
Years: 2007
Two-tone ‘Daytona’ interior
Luca Cordero di Montezemolo signature badge on door sills
30° Cornes embroidery between rear seats
Also available in exclusive paint Blu Cornes

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti ‘Ferrari and Cornes 30th Anniversary’ for sale on

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Note: This is not an edition commemorating Cornes’ 30th anniversary. Cornes was established in 1861.

Maseratis at Maranello

On National Geographic’s ‘Magafactories: Ferrari 599 GTB’ there are some Maseratis being painted at Marabello. And as the Maserati factory was being modernized at that time it seamed that Coupé, Spyder and Quattroporte V may have been asembled at Ferrari’s plat in Maranello. Maserati Classiche explained that at that time only paintjob was supplied by Ferrari and those models were assembled at Maserati, Modena.

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Ferrari Coupé bodies production at Pininfarina

This little thing was based on the Pininfarina production records and my deduction.

Produzione di 14.012 Fiat 124 Spider, 19 Fiat 130 Coupé, 478 Fiat Lancia Beta Montecarlo Cabrio, 740 Fiat Lancia Beta Montecarlo Coupé, 4.183 Alfa Romeo Spider, 1.006 Lancia Gamma Coupé, 163 Ferrari Coupé, 306 Peugeot Cabrio e 1.194 Peugeot Coupé, per un totale di 22.101 vetture.

I had a hard time figuring out what coupés this is about, the only data was production figures and years, nothing more. At first i thought about 308/328 range and Mondials, but… added 1985 to 1989 production and… came out 576, exactly the number of Ferrari 412 GT and Automatica combined! Coincidence? no… I retro engineered the 400i and 400 with same results, although the begin/end years were shared for both models, then I came upon year 1975 and earlier. What to do? Obviously 365 GT4 2+2, the precursor to 400/412 range, but what else? There was still years 1970-1972. There was only one Ferrari left: 365 GTC/4, but… I’m still left with almost 200 bodies accounted for but nor distributed.

Testarossa and 512 TR too gave some problems as their combined production was more than their combined body production. I imagine that 512 TR production was moved to Ferrari as F512 M was, to Pininfarina acounts, not bodied by Them, same with the other half of 456 GT.

I a meantime this table will be cut and distributed on wikipedia accordingly.


Ferrari 456 GT production

1.On wikipedia:

456 GT: 1,548; 456 GTA: 403
Total: 1951

2.Type F116 Coupé from pininfarina produzione complesiva pdf:

Total: 1,435 (1992-1996)

3.From Ferrari Road Car Models and Production Numbers

456 GT and GTA
Production started: 1993.
Production ended: 1997.
Total production: 1,936 (402 auto); 202 RHD, 61 auto.
First serial number: 96244(?).
Last serial number: 111127(?).

4. From

factory type reference F 116 CL
chassis number road car sequence in the range 96157 to 111376,
production period spanned 1992 to 1998, during which time 1548 examples were produced

No info on GTA, M, or M GTA