2004-2007 Maserati GranSport by Frank Stephenson at Ferrari-Maserati Concept Design and Development
Overall 2613 made.
GranSport: 2432 made.
MC Victory: 181 made.
M138ABC, engine M138P
Maserati Heritage

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Colour codes:

Giallo Granturismo
Rosso Mondiale
File0_044914_800600 File0_057811_800600
Nero Carbonio Met.
Blu Mediterraneo Met.
Grigio Touring Met.
File0_073511_800600 File0_011645_800600
Grigio Nuvolari Met.
File0_088683_800600 File0_050651_800600
File0_098807_800600 File0_032510_800600
Grigio Titanio Met.
File0_021568_800600 File0_017219_800600
Bianco Fuji
Rame Ghibli
Rame Ghibli GS
Blu Perlescente
Blu Nettuno Met.
Argento Luna Met.
Grigio Alfieri Met.
Blu Victory
Verde Goodwood Met.

Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’
The GranSport Limited Edition is instantly recognizable for the “Saetta” logo featuring the Trident with red accents. The model, which completes the equipment of the car while improving its driving dynamic and underlining its sporty character, includes:

  • CD changer
  • Skyhook
  • Xenon lights + washing system
  • Full leather interior
  • 19” Trofeo design alloy rims with “ball-polished” treatment
  • Front seats with heating + memories for driver seat
  • Oval logo on front wings
  • “Auditorium 200” high power hi-fi system
  • “Saetta logo” with red accents

Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on cars.com

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Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on cars.com

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Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on cars.com

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Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on AutoScout24

Maserati GranSport ‘Limited Edition’ for sale on AutoScout24


2006 Maserati GranSport ‘MC Victory’
181 made (000-180)
Maserati Heritage
Italian flag on front wings
special front spoiler
Plaque on central tunnel
Special sports seats
19” Trofeo design alloy rims
Carbon rear nolder
Exclusive colour: Blu Victory

060155M_1 060166M_2 060165M_3 060230M_4

Maserati GranSport ‘MC Victory’ Register

Maserati GranSport ‘MC Victory’ Geneva Show Car 000/180 for sale on AutoScout24
Blu Victory

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Grigio Touring

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Nero Carbonio

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Blu Victory

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Blu Victory

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Blu Victory

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Blu Victory

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Blu Victory

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Maserati GranSport ‘MC Victory’ for sale on AutoScout24
Grigio Touring

0280981263001 0280981263002 0280981263003

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Blu Victory

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2006 Maserati GranSport ‘Contemporary Classic’
Maserati Heritage
19” Trofeo design alloy rims with “ball-polished” treatment
4 exterior colours: white, black, green and red
4 variations of full leather interior in white, black, green and black/red.
piping around the seats and dashboard in 4 colours same as a body paint
light blue dials

061770M_1 061760M_2 061750M_3 061780M_4 


2007 Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’
Japanese market
Italian flag on front wings
’10th Anniversary’ logo on kick plates
Plaque on central tunnel
Carbon rear nolder
19” Trofeo design alloy rims with “ball-polished” treatment
light blue dials

35 units made
18 Nero Carbonio with tan interior and 17 Bianco Eldorado with blue interior


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Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’ for sale on carsensor.net

Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’ for sale on carsensor.net


2008 Touring A8GCS Berlinetta by Louis de Fabribeckers
Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera srl