Bosch Motronic ML4.1 and EZ212K
Phase 1 and 2 – 2.0 V6 TB, AR 16202
In this system the ignition and injection functions are operated by two control units, the Motronic ML4.1 and EZ212K both made by Bosch. The experience acquired and the continuous research developed in this sector have made it possible to bring forward an up-dated, fine-tuned system, simplifying and reducing as far as possible the data detection sensors and making the control actuators more precise and powerful. In order to optimise the performance of the vehicle during acceleration and at top speeds, in the EZ212K control unit, a new Overboost function control has been implemented which makes it possible to increase the supercharging pressure according to a certain logic, while the ML4.1 control unit determines the necessary fuel enrichment.