Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider Curiosities


To start this page a strange code, located in the boot under a small piece of detachable carpet. This is not a paintwork identification plate, despite baing so stated in a workshop manual.

Alfa Romeo GTV was listed at nr 29 in Jeremy Clarkson’s Top 100 Cars from 2001.
Also featured in at least 4 Top Gear (Original Series), 2 Top Gear (2002) and 3 Fifth Gear episodes.


Below: Andrea De Adamich (Not Enrico Fumia)


Why is that the Phase 1 and 2 cars have a width of 1,780 mm but Phase 3 cars are only 1,776 mm width? Where are those 4 mm?

It seams that there were none of this versions ever produced and no records of it whatsoever. No VIN found so far.

163.531.0.0 – GTV 3.0 V6 24V 6M E3 ELEGANT LIMITED EDITION 2002

Alfa 166 did not incorporate 916 rear suspension, although being also of the multi-link setup it uses one lower wishbone and 3 control rods.

916 donated its door mirrors to… MY.1996 Maserati Quattroporte


There never was:
Quadrifoglio version
GTA version
diesel engine
Selespeed gearbox
Q2 or Q4 edition
3.0 V6 GTV Elegant Limited Edition 2002
Xenon headlamps
1.6 nor 2.5 engine

With Andrea we researched that electrically-operated seats were only available as an option for GTV and not for a Spider, probablu due to the height safety restrictions in cabriolet.

And now for something completely different

stage2-democar7 stage2-democar9 1_2 2_2 3_2 2505668746 2505668894 2505671009 2539023436 2688123181 2688128869 2688137073 2688138122 2725140781 20100126194 20100126195 20100201198 20100201199 97248848539 97257371858 97265895177 2262311826508816340104887641431617969916255n 23068318265101363731048876414316179713496025n 1905331015019418822897555292397487742374200608n ALFA_ROMEO_GTV.20.16V.JTS.CABRIOLET.DISTINCTIVE._2004133 C19126421_1 C19126421_2 C19126421_6 C22292128_1 C22292128_2 C26406672_8 C26406672_9 dsc00218resize dsc00219resize Foto-D7BREPUQ Foto-NISR4M7O Foto-WUPFYPPI gtv4_2 IMG2316 kolizja-003 kolizja-004 minip1015347 nowe stage2-democar1 stage2-democar2 stage2-democar4 stage2-democar6 spidercrashed7 spidercrashed6 spidercrashed5 spidercrashed1 alpha_20060605_001 alpha_20060605_002 10492584_734964393233371_8560656414495345038_n post-22-0-02259500-1393071686 post-22-0-21853400-1393071605 post-22-0-33029400-1393071748 post-22-0-58837000-1393072028 post-22-0-17488300-1393072189 942811_10151858280887741_2039237468_n 913806_10151858280572741_497961572_o 919087_10151858280722741_1419139767_o