Alfa Romeo GTV Conrero Challenge. Around 5 or 6 built. Mainly for Japanese market. 280 PS engine upgrade. Based on MY’97 GTV 3.0 V6 24V.

001 The Automechanika Frankfurt show car.
Giallo Conrero. Started out with grey Alcantara interior and grey leather for the brchure photoshoot. Later had painted mirrors and redone upholstery in blue/yellow leather.

GTVBACKGJCH GTVFRONTGJCH GTVINT2CHGJ GTVINTCHGJ silconrero dietro2 elaboraz2 elaborazbrembo GTV Conrero1 GTV Conrero5 conrero2

002 for sale at
Giallo Conrero wih grey Alcantara interior?

003 for sale at
Grigio Titanio with Tan Leather interior.

Grigio Chiaro with Red Leather interior.

Azzurro Nuvola


grey with tan interior and sunroof (bodykit only?)

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Conrero GTV Challenge Leaflet

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Conrero GTV Challenge Catalogue

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Conrero GTV Challenge in ‘Auto Oggi’ magazine. 29 December 1997.

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