1994-2001 Maserati Quattroporte IV by Marcello Gandini.
Tipo 337. 2,400 built. Based on Ghibli II platform. Made under Fiat, then Ferrari ownership.

Phase 1a. 1994-1996. Original wing mirrors. Initially 2.0 V6 with 6-speed Getrag manual only and 2.8 V6 with manual or 4-speed ZF 4HP22 automatic option. seicilindri badges.

Phase 1b. 1996-1998. Alfa Romeo GTV/Spider wing mirrors. Updated interior (door panels). Introduction of 3.2 V8 with ottocilindri badges and either 4-speed BTR M72LE automatic or 6-speed Getrag manual. Some cars have dual airbags.

Phase 2: Evoluzione. 1998-2001. Alfa Romeo 166 wing mirrors. Discontinuation of 2.0 V6. Updated engine auxiliaries (lines from ABS go straight to the back of the module). New steering wheel and Trident replaces Lassale clock. All cars have dual airbags. V6_evoluzione and V8_evoluzione badges. 4-speed BTR M72LE automatic or 6-speed Getrag manual for both engines.


Limited Edition

Cornes Serie Speciale

Numbered edition, 50 examples, V6 and V8 Evoluzione. All BTR M72LE automatic and LHD. Maserati badge inserted into C-door-pillar.
Even though Evoluziones had the Lassale clock replaced with trident, this edition retains the original clock.

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Cornes Serie Speciale 26/50

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2.0i V6 24v: 587 (337B00, AM 573)
2.8i V6 24v: 668 (337B28, 337B28A, AM 574)
3.2i V8 32v: 415 (337B32, 337B32A, AM 578)

2.8i V6 Evoluzione: 390 (337B28, 337B28A, AM 574) 148 auto/242 manual
3.2i V8 Evoluzione: 340 (337B32, 337B32A, AM 578) 82 auto/258 manual

Total: 2,400

2.0 V6 total: 587
2.8 V6 total: 1058
3.2 V8 total: 755


Colour codes:

Verde Tundra Mic.
0248127276003 0248127276014

Verde Opale Met.
0279503591008 0279503591015

Verde Brooklands

Verde Mexico

Verde Moss

Blu Francia

Blu Luci di Mezzanotte

Blu Maserati

Blu Nettuno

Blu Sebring Met.

Azzurro Argentina

Quarzo Dolomite Met.

Grigio Alfieri Met.

Grigio Touring

Bianco Birdcage

Bianco Alpi

Giallo Granturismo

Rosso Indianapolis

Rosso Bologna

Rosso Villoresi


Nero Carbonio



Additional facts:
0.31 Cd
RHD cars were also produced (VIN prefix 35).