As the Heritage section states regarding the Maserati Ghibli II we would like to confirm that its 1992 restyling was signed Marcello Gandini (also the Shanal designer).

With regards to your second query about the Maserati Indy series we inform you that it’s design was a Vignales ‘s coachwork work from Mr. Giovanni Michelotti’s styling (Mr Michelotti was working in Vignale Coachwork).

Last but not least, regarding the Maserati Mistral Spyder we inform you that there is no mistake in the text. The coupé Mistral (2 posti) was indeed designed by Mr. Pietro Frau. The Mistral Spyder however, was not. In order to create a Spyder model out of the original Mistral model, the whole vehicle was reworked and redesigned (of course the inspiration is from the original Mistral) but the work was carried out by Mr. Giovanni Michelotti (retracted statement).

The sentence “” In the first year of coupé production the car was still called simply ¿2 Posti¿ spyder before it was christened the more poetic Mistral “” is the one that might be misinterpreted.

Mistral Syper model is still a coupé, a Spyder Coupé, but a coupé nevertheless.


[…]also does not know exactly who was the stylist of the Mexico, but he supposes that all the Maserati styled by Vignale were designed by Mr. Michelotti.

I repeat, this is his supposition and not a 100% sure answer.


during the Maserati “remodelling” between the late 90’s and the early 2000 years, the only Maserati model assembled at Ferrari plants was the MC12 Stradale.

All the other models were assembled exclusively at Maserati factory in Modena.

[…]the assembly line was in Maserati in Modena.

Ferrari was our supplier for the paintings.


As you know the project of the A&GCS PininFarina Berlinetta was not managed by Maserati factory. The request for this cars arrived directly to PininFarina from Mr. Gugliemo (Mimmo) Dei, the owner of Scuderia Centro Sud.

For this reason in our historical Archive we have not documentation regarding the realisation of this beautiful car, so we can’t officially confirm or not.

Anyway Mr. Brovarone was one of the chief of PininFarina design at that time and he confirmed several times that he designed this car. No one person (Mr. Pininfarina included) ever discredited this fact.


I would like to inform you that the Maserati Karif was not designed by Zagato.

Many people is convinced about it, but it is not true.

This misconception come from the fact that the Karif bodywork derived from the Spyder model made by Zagato.

The design of the body of the new vehicle (Karif) derived from the Spyder body but with a fixed top (as a Coupè) was not commissioned to Zagato, but it was performed by the internal “Centro Stile Maserati” directly. Unfortunately we don’t know who was in particular the designer, possibly the project was managed by a Team.

You can also notice that on the Karif body are not present the Zagato badges, as they are on the Spyder body.


Mr. Andreani was the Chief of the “Centro Stile” up to 1981, so he designed the Biturbo under this role. At the end of 1981 he founded the “Andreani Design” so the rest of the designs he made were done with him as external Consultant.

[…]Mr. Missoni was a very famous Italian stylist. His fabrics were used for the interiors.

During the “Biturbo Era” there was not a “real” Technical Director. Mr. De Tomaso was a 360° man so he decided to be the person to decide all the technical issues. He was never officially defined the Technical Director but practically he was.

Mr. Casarini worked in the Homologation Dept, while Eng. Bertocchi in those years worked for Maserati only sometimes (he worked mainly for De Tomaso and Innocenti Companies).


The Quattroporte Evoluzione model was manufactured only with the engines V6 of 2.790cc and V8 of 3.217cc.


What is the full name of a M138-based 90th anniversary limited edition? –> Maserati Spyder 90th Anniversary
How many examples were made for the world, including the show car of course. –> 181
Was this car based on a GranSport or did it just have its bodykit and interior and was based on a regular version? –> The look was similar to the GranSport but the vehicle was based on the regular version.

after a check I can confirm you that the model Maserati Quattroporte V (M139) was produced from 2003 up to 2013.