Bosch Motronic M 2.10.3
Phase 1 – 2.0 T.Spark 16V
An electronic control system supervises and regulates all the parameters of the engine, optimising performance and consumption levels through response in real time to the different operating conditions: the sophisticated latest generation system consists of a single control unit which controls both ignition (static with lost spark) and ignition (timed). This is the M 2.10.3 of the proven and reliable Bosch Motronic system. Compared with the previous versions this new M 2.10.3 system adopts a control unit – with 55 pins – with advanced design and production technology, it also possesses many possibilities for inserting auxiliary functions. As a result of the use of new sensors and revision of the control programmes, the system makes it possible to achieve considerable improvements in terms of consumption and emission levels and vehicle handling. Another feature of this system is self-adaptation, i.e. the capability to recognise the changes that take place in the engine and to compensate them, according to functions which mainly correct:
– the mixture titration
– the carburation parameters according to the command of the evaporative solenoid valve
– an adaptive programme for idle speed control.