The inner surfaces of the parts undergo protective treatment with wax oil sprayed at high pressure. The boxed sections of these areas are formed with steel sheets galvanized on one side with the outside protected by galvanizing.

The galvanizong treatment of the sheet metals of the body offers decidedly higher protection against the weather than entreated panels. The protective action of the zinc is given by its high level of reactiveness with the chemical substances which form the atmosphere combined with the high level of inertia of the compound deriving from it (zinc oxide). This way the film of zinc oxide which forms on sheet metal parts exposed to the atmosphere becomes an effective coat of protection which defends the sheet metal from rust.
The deposition of the protective layer of zinc can be carried out:
– on both sides of the sheet metal (bi-galvanized sheets) both faces are exposed to the action of the weather;
– on one side only (mono-galvanized sheets): the body panels of this type are with the treated part facing outside.

The bodyshell was galvanised with full plastic wheelarch liners and is therefore rustproof.

Underbody is protected by application of PVC.

Rear boot lid incorporates lock inside the pivoting Alfa Romeo badge.