Alfa Corse (GTV)


Japanese-market cars. Developed by Fiat Auto Gestione Sportiva (or Fiat Auto Racing, former Abarth & C.)

Around 60 built on LHD 2.0 V6 TB GTV from pre-’97, although some later cars are based on M.Y.’97. Cars registered in 1999 and even as late as 2002. Only available in 130 Rosso Alfa and 601 Nero. Only four black cars found so far. Special rear spoiler (not on every car), special lower strip on front bumper with different side inlets. Some cars have changed bonnet with varous intakes and slots. Inside black leather interior with carbon fibre covered centre console and silver plaque Alfa Corse n. and grey carpets. Some cars bear special rear emblems of elaborazione Alfa Corse script and Alfa Corse shield resembling historical badge. Cars have changed ECU units and 235PS instead of 200PS. Most cars are fitted with dual exhaust system, and of course changed lower rear skirt. There is also a seperate booklet on ‘Alfa Corse GTV owner’s manual’ in japanese.
Highest noted number so far is n.058 (probably the last one).

130 Rosso Alfa
601 Nero
163.819.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 MEDIO
163.809.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 E2 MEDIO 74DBA
2.0 V6 TB AR16202 (230-235PS)
446 Anthracite Leather (or 545 Beige Leather)

GTV Alfa Corse for sale at Beige Leather seats and no limited edition plaque. Also please note the different front bumper lower lip and single exhaust. Prototype car, originally without rear spoiler.
U00013163819_1_001 U00013163819_001L U00013163819_2_001 U00013163819_3_001 U00013163819_10_001 U00013163819_4_001 U00013163819_7_001 U00013163819_8_001 U00013163819_9_001 U00013163819_6_001 U00013163819_5_001

GTV Alfa Corse n.06 for sale at

GTV Alfa Corse n.9, found on

GTV Alfa Corse n.019 Nero, special thanks to Daisuke. For sale at
Grey decal with red accents.

GTV Alfa Corse n.029 for sale at
U00005604199_003L U00005604199_1_041 U00005604199_6_001 alfa11 U00005604199_15_001 U00005604199_12_007 U00005604199_10_006 U00005604199_9_005

GTV Alfa Corse n.026 for sale at and
U00005410670_3_002 U00005410670_4_003 U00005410670_6_001-1 U00005410670_8_00a U00005410670_10_002 U00005410670_11_002 U00005410670_12_002 U00005410670_14_002 U00005410670_19_001 post-19-0-14983500-1386113003 post-19-0-49613500-1386113022

GTV Alfa Corse n.038 for sale at First registered in 1998.
20080628alfa_01 20080628alfa_02 20080628alfa_03 20080628alfa_04 20080628alfa_05 20080628alfa_07 20080628alfa_08 20080628alfa_10 20080628alfa_11 20080628alfa_12 20080628alfa_09 20080628alfa_13 20080628alfa_14 20080628alfa_15 20080628alfa_17 20080628alfa_19 20080628alfa_24 20080628alfa_25

GTV Alfa Corse n.042 for sale at

GTV Alfa Corse n.043 for sale at First registered in 2002.
163.809.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 E2 MEDIO 74DBA
No spoiler
130 Rosso Alfa

GTV Alfa Corse n.45 Nero. For sale at
No spoiler. Grey decal with green accents.
163.809.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 E2 MEDIO 74DBA

GTV Alfa Corse n.49, special thanks to Masahiro

GTV Alfa Corse n.050 for sale at First registered in 1999.
20100317alfa_01 20100317alfa_02 20100317alfa_04 20100317alfa_03 20100317alfa_05 20100317alfa_06 20100317alfa_14 20100317alfa_15 20100317alfa_16 20100317alfa_20 20100317alfa_26 20100317alfa_27 20100317alfa_28 20100317alfa_29 20100317alfa_30 20100317alfa_31 20100317alfa_32 20100317alfa_33 20100317alfa_34 20100317alfa_35

GTV Alfa Corse n.053 Nero on

GTV Alfa Corse n.54, MY’97, special thanks to Motoaki
163.809.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 E2 MEDIO 74DBA

GTV Alfa Corse n.055 Nero.
163.809.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 E2 MEDIO 74DBA
Int 446 Anthracite Leather

GTV Alfa Corse n.56, special thanks to Tatsuhiro

GTV Alfa Corse n.58

GTV Alfa Corse for sale at First registered in 1999.
U00011011845_1_001 U00011011845_001L U00011011845_2_001 ALFA ROMEO GTV2.0V6.003 U00011011845_4_001 U00011011845_10_001 U00011011845_12_002 U00011011845_14_001 U00011011845_15_001 U00011011845_16_002 U00011011845_18_001

GTV Alfa Corse for sale at

GTV Alfa Corse for sale at Note the absence of plaque but there are still marks visible. First registered in 2002.
UJ0011322034_001L UJ0011322034_1_001 UJ0011322034_2_001 UJ0011322034_3_001 UJ0011322034_4_001 UJ0011322034_5_001 UJ0011322034_6_001 UJ0011322034_8_001 UJ0011322034_9_001 UJ0011322034_10_001 UJ0011322034_11_001 UJ0011322034_19_001

GTV Alfa Corse for sale at
U00002125321_2_001 U00002125321_002L U00002125321_5_001 U00002125321_6_001 U00002125321_7_001 U00002125321_9_001-1

GTV Alfa Corse, special thanks to Isao