SS. Intensa, Exclusive Edition 2002
The chrome finish is replaced by a gray “Metalluro” (including grill, alloy wheels, headlamp surrounds, rear emblems and SW roof mouldings)
alloy wheels 16 inches
black-wood trimmed console, black instrument background, black lower fascia
Upholstery and interior trim in leather and Alcantara, 608 Anthracite Grey Alcantara
Frames instrumentation and chrome interior door handles,
Bose hi-fi system with CD changer
Dual Zone Air Conditioning
6 airbags (front, side and window bag)
ABS with EBD, ESP stability control

The Bologna Motor Show sees the debut of the Lancia Lybra Intensa, a new version designed for customers who want their Lybra with an extra touch of vitality.
The Lancia Lybra Intensa is due to go on sale in Italy from February next year and will be available in the saloon and station wagon versions with two engines. A 110 kW – 150 bhp 2.0 five cylinder 20v plus a Common Rail direct injection turbodiesel: the 85 kW -115 bhp 1.9 jtd. Both complete with ESP.
Now customers can choose from an even broader range of this most auspicious model. The Lybra was indeed responsible for relaunching Lancia as an élite brand with motorists and paving the way for the recent debut of its range leader, the Lancia Thesis.
Externally, the Lancia Lybra Intensa can be identified by its dark rear side and back windows (Privacy) that are available as an option. These ensure greater customer discretion and also hide the luggage compartment from prying eyes in the case of the station wagon. It is also distinguished by certain parts painted in grey Metalluro, such as the mouldings and door handles, bumpers and 16 inch light alloy wheels (the tyres are the 205/55 series so far only available from the Accessories range). The same shade has also been used on the Station Wagon roof mouldings.
Other details are burnished: this applies to the front grille, the number plate holder and rear nameplate surrounds, the sill plate and the turn signal and headlamp frames.
A special body colour has also been created for the Lancia Lybra Intensa. This new shade, Fountain Grey, will extend to five the number in the current range: Nicole Blue, Carmen Red, Elena Black, Elisa Grey, Luxor Black. Inside, the Lancia Lybra Intensa offers Alcantara® trim on the door panels and central seat strip. The rest is in leather: the outer parts of the seat, gear lever gaiter and knob (the upper part of the grip is also in wood), steering wheel and handbrake grip.
The instrument panel surround and door handles are chrome-plated. The panels and the door and facia profiles are, however, designed to look like dark walnut. And the instrument panel background is black.

Intensa, 04/2002, german. 02.5.7102.50 S

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Available colours:
108/A Rosso Carmen Met
612/A Grigio Elisa Met.
615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)
632 Black Elena Met.
845/A Blu Nicole Mic.

Lybra SW SS. Intensa 1.8 for sale on AutoScout24
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Lybra SW SS. Intensa 2.4 JTD for sale on AutoScout24
615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)

0278037997001 0278037997002 0278037997003 0278037997004

Lybra SS. Intensa 1.9 JTD for sale on AutoScout24
615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)

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Lybra SW SS. Intensa 2.4 JTD for sale on AutoScout24
615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)

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615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)

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Lybra SW SS. Intensa 1.8 for sale on AutoScout24

Lybra SS. Intensa 1.8 for sale on AutoScout24
615/A Grigio Fontana Met. (exclusive)

Lybra SS. Intensa 2.4 JTD for sale on AutoScout24