Electrically-operated glass roof with sun blind, available as an option for GTV.
The sliding mechanisms open the roof in two sepatare phases:
– the first phase allows “compass” opening which consists in raising the rear of the sunroof to allow air to flow out of the passenger compartment with restricted ventilation limits. Even if the operation button is kept pressed, the roof stops in this position.
– pressing the button again, the roof moves rearward from the “compass” position keeping to the outside of the roof.
In the opening position the sun blind is housed in the space between the roof lining and the roof.

Very popular on Phase 1, also available for Phase 2, probably unavilable for Phase 3.

Cars with sunroof

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GTV 2.0 TS for sale at AutoScout24

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GTV 2.0 TS for sale at AutoScout24

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