Millennium Edition 1999 (Spider)


Australian Spider only. 100 made. It seams there were 100 stock cars with a limited edition sticker on the ash-tray. Available with black or grey exterior and red-black interior.
No special MVS, no special interior nor exterior. All were probably Lusso spec. This is the only Phase 2a limited edition.

Specifications (so far):
601 Nero
659/A Grigio Eclisse Met.
401/B Blu Victoria Met.
612/A Grigio Chiaro Met.
163.742.0.0 – SPIDER 2.0 T.SPARK 16V LUSSO
2.0 TS AR32301
836 Black Leather
491 Red Leather
833 Blue Leather


Millennium Edition Spider n.58 for sale at

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Millennium Edition Spider n.59 for sale at

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Millennium Edition Spider n.74 for sale at

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Millennium Edition Spider n.11 for sale at

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Millennium Edition Spider n.18 for sale at

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Millennium Edition Spider n. 70 in Blu Victoria and 833 blue style interior, black hood. VIN verified. 1998 produced.

Millennium Edition Spider for sale at