Lancia Lybra 2.0 Comfortronic

Was Lancia Lybra 2.0 Comfortronic discontinued after 2001? Most probably. If so this can be quite a rare version.
109.424.0.0 BN 2000 20V 155CV 114KW E2 C.A. LX
109.964.0.0 SW 2000 20V 155CV 114KW E2 C.A. LX
no Euro3, no MY.2001.
Production probably 1998-2000.
Also not a single car for sale with automatic transmission after 2001 and only a handful from hundreds for sale at the moment.
The automatic Aisin-Warner gearbox (50-40 type) AW 30510 most probably.

Lancia Lybra Limited Editions

Lancia Lybra Limited Editions
They are of course exclusive editions as they were not limited nor numbered.

Exclusive Edition 2002.
The outside chrome finish is replaced by a gray “Metalluro” (including grill, alloy wheels, headlamp surrounds, rear emblems and SW roof mouldings).
Special “pentagram” 16″ alloy wheels.
Upholstery and interior trim in leather and Alcantara, 608 Anthracite Grey Alcantara.
Black-wood trimmed console, black instrument background, black lower fascia.
Exclusive colour: 615/A Grigio Fontana Met.

0283399933002   0248353489008

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Exclusive Edition 2002.
Metallic paint.
Special 16″ alloy wheels.
Leather upholstery with heated front seats.
Silver trimmed console instead of wood.
Privacy windows.
satellite navigation system with GSM phone.
cruise control.
spare alloy wheel.
headlamp washers.
2.0 20v or 2.4 JTD only.

0278921945012 0278921945011 0246592329006 0271811239013

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Trim 2003
(can be viewed as a trim level but also as SS. Elegance, either way it is very special and also included here)
Titanium trimmed console.
Black roof option in SW (with black ‘railings’).
Special 16″ polished (light metalluro) alloy wheels.
409 BEIGE LEATHER, 410 TOBACCO LEATHER, Tabacco Alcantara.
Privacy windows.
satellite navigation system with GSM phone.
cruise control.
2.0 20v, 1.9 JTD or 2.4 JTD.

0283176541004 0247038850004 0247038850005 6147841_O_56ac9b420e5aa 0247038850015

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Lancia Beta Montecarlo Design Story

“Lancia Beta Montecarlo
The first drawings date from the beginning of 1969 and the theme of this project was to produce a sports car, with economic engine and front wheel drive Fiat 128 derived platform (first drawing).
The first sketches a little ‘exasperated and whimsical show a research aimed at young people from which the name inside “Youth Sports” later became X 1/20 Fiat always.
During the execution of these studies there was suddenly the order to change the arrangement of the engine which became transverse rear.
Of course, given the overall dimensions of the car and went with it the passage contained two bucket seats.
In the drawings in color and scale model 1-10 is already glimpsed the character of Max, the car became more tense, the side fins were very highlighted and the set was not overdone as well as a sporty also conveyed a certain elegance.
The biggest surprise was a Monday morning when I found myself embedded in the nose of the model a Lancia grille deliberately deformed, asking for explanations in Martinengo told me that on Saturday before the staff Fiat and Pininfarina in a hasty meeting decided this change.
She was born the Lancia Beta Montecarlo fully designed and manufactured in series by Pininfarina Spa
After all, even in this way decisions can be proved as successful in the near future.”

– Paolo Martin, interview, 2013

Photos and drawing provided by Paolo Martin

15 copia 6115457284_310b9114c5_o montecarlo fig. copia 1 mt copia

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Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototype

Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototypes
In 1998 a few cars were factory fitted with 2.4 JTD engines.

VIN numbers not registered in ePer. No homologation number on VIN plate as it was on a paper document.
MVS: 108.550.1.0 – 2400 JTD. 10V 5 CIL. GAMMA’98
Version code: 838CL1AA 47
Engine code: 838A8.000


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Gamma Coupé production tables update

New tables, first one deduced from both sides based on the series-specific production data from the other, with still 1 example missing. Looks like first examples of FL MY ’80 were in fact made by the end of ’79. Updated on wikipedia. Also a fun fact: both cars were designed by Pininfarina, but apparently only coupé by Mr Brovarone.


From Lancia: A story of technological innovation in the car industry:
Gamma Coupé, Number produced: 7,089 units (from 1976 to 1984)


Gamma Berlina 2.0 830AB2
Gamma Berlina 2.5 830AB
Gamma Berlina 2.5 i.e. 830AB4
Gamma Coupé 2.0 830AC2
Gamma Coupé 2.5 830AC
Gamma Coupé 2.5 i.e 830AC4

Engine Tipos
2.0: 830A2.000
2.5: 830A.000
2.5 i.e.: 830A4.000