Lancia Lybra 2004 range brochure

Lancia Lybra 2004 range brochure. Business, LS, LX and Emblema trims.

Equipment and options sums:
Emblema 36 standard /17 optional /0 unavailable
LX 33 standard /20 optional /3 unavailable
LS 30 standard /21 optional /7 unavailable
Business 27 standard /5 optional /27 unavailable

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Pietro Camardella Designer Focus

Cars designed and co-designed by Pietro Camardella.
Centro Studi e Ricerche Pininfarina, Chief Designer exteriors Centro Stile Lancia and Centro Ricerche Fiat.

Ferrari F40 (Pininfarina)
Ferrari Mythos (1989 Pininfarina)
Ferrari 456 GT (1990 Pininfarina)
Peugeot 306 Cabriolet (Pininfarina)
Honda Beat (Pininfarina)
Ferrari 512 TR (Pininfarina)
Ferrari F50 (Pininfarina)
Lancia Dialogos (Arca) (1998 Centro Stile Lancia)
Lancia NEA (2000 Centro Stile Lancia)
Fiat Sportiva Latina (2005 Centro Ricerche Fiat, Mazel)
Fiat Phylla (2008 Centro Ricerche Fiat)

Source: Pietro Camardella interview at

Maserati Quattroporte MY13 Power Increase

2012 Maserati Quattroporte S and Sport GT S (4.7 l, M139, MY13) received a Power Increase package along with the new GranTurismo Sport. Thanks to optimising the engine mapping, increasing the valve overlap above 5,500 rpm thanks to VVT system and optimal use of timing advance. All this resulted in increased performance in SPORT mode above 5,500 rpm (+10 PS and +20 Nm). New F136 YR and YT engine codes were assigned to this update. Production of M139 also ceased in 2012.

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA Stradale

Alfa Romeo 155 GTA Stradale

One-off prototype produced in 1993. Based on 155 Q4, that in turn was based on Lancia Delta Integrale mechanicals. Built in Abarth workshop under the supervision of Sergio Limone. Body designed by Carlo Gaino at Synthesis Design.

Was shortly for sale on Bonhams

Synthesis Design website

Lancia Lambda innovations

Lancia Lambda
, one of the most innovative cars

Produced betweet 1922-1931 in 9 different series. Equipped with V4 engine ranging from 2119 cm³ to 2568 cm³ capacity. Built mainly in torpedo bodystyle. Around 13,000 were made.

List of innovations that were first for automotive industry and are still used today:
First monocoque
First production V4 engine
First aluminum engine block
First hydraulic shock absorbers
First coil spring / shock absorber suspension

In 1927 Mille Miglia 2 Lambdas placed 4th-5th overall (1st-2nd in it’s class)
In 1928 Mille Miglia Lambda placed 3rd overall (1st in it’s class)
In 1929 Mille Miglia Lambda placed 4th overall (1st in it’s class)

Lambda on translated to english

Limited Editions from Japan part 13

Alfa Romeo GTV Alfa Corse

60-70 built on LHD 2.0 V6 TB GTV from pre-’97, although some cars seem to have M.Y.’97 knobs, but still with an older steering wheel. Cars registered in 1999 and even as late as 2002. Only available in 130 Rosso Alfa and 601 Nero. Special rear spoiler (not on every car), special lower strip on front bumper with different side inlets. Some cars have changed bonnet with varous intakes and slots. Inside black leather interior with carbon fibre covered centre console and silver plaque Alfa Corse n. and grey carpets. Some cars bear special rear emblems of elaborazione Alfa Corse script and Alfa Corse shield resembling historical badge. Cars have changed ECU units and 230-235PS instead of 200PS. Most cars are fitted with dual exhaust system, and of course changed lower rear skirt.

130 Rosso Alfa
601 Nero
163.819.0.0 – GTV 2.0 TB V6 MEDIO
2.0 V6 TB AR16202 (230-235PS)
446 Anthracite Leather (or 545 Beige Leather)

GTV Alfa Corse n.06 for sale at

GTV Alfa Corse n.019 Nero

GTV Alfa Corse n.029 for sale at
U00005604199_003L U00005604199_1_041 alfa11 U00005604199_15_001 U00005604199_12_007

GTV Alfa Corse n.038 for sale at First registered in 1998.
20080628alfa_04 20080628alfa_07 20080628alfa_08 20080628alfa_09 20080628alfa_15 20080628alfa_19

GTV Alfa Corse n.043 for sale at First registered in 2002.

GTV Alfa Corse n.050 for sale at First registered in 1999.
20100317alfa_02 20100317alfa_04 20100317alfa_05 20100317alfa_14 20100317alfa_16 20100317alfa_26

GTV Alfa Corse

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