Spider Serie Speciale 2004 rims

Spider Serie Speciale 2004 rims are quite different from simillar rims from alfa 156 Ti or 166 Ti. Look opposite the airvent, Ti versions have a special logo, which Spider rims lacks. Also their size is different.

156 Ti 7×17″ and Ti logo

166 Ti 7×17″ and Ti logo

Spider Serie Speciale 2004 7,5×17″ and no Ti logo

Special thanks to Diego.

916 2-piece steering wheel

916 2-piece steering wheel of perforated leather limited editions. Motus and Edizione Sportiva Spider

Standard 3-spoke, single-piece steering wheel. From M.Y.1997 till the end of production.
0286821808011 0294032809015 0293874258006

Leather 2-piece steering wheel from Motus and Edizione Sportiva Spider. M.Y.2002. Inner piece, that is not the horn piece, is covered in perforated leather. Also with red stitching.
0299136309021 0295333508010 0281296963008

Wooden trimmed 2-piece steering wheel from M.Y.2003 (Was it an earlier option also?)
0278804060008 0298706622007

Gamma Coupé production tables update

New tables, first one deduced from both sides based on the series-specific production data from the other, with still 1 example missing. Looks like first examples of FL MY ’80 were in fact made by the end of ’79. Updated on wikipedia. Also a fun fact: both cars were designed by Pininfarina, but apparently only coupé by Mr Brovarone.


From Lancia: A story of technological innovation in the car industry:
Gamma Coupé, Number produced: 7,089 units (from 1976 to 1984)


Gamma Berlina 2.0 830AB2
Gamma Berlina 2.5 830AB
Gamma Berlina 2.5 i.e. 830AB4
Gamma Coupé 2.0 830AC2
Gamma Coupé 2.5 830AC
Gamma Coupé 2.5 i.e 830AC4

Engine Tipos
2.0: 830A2.000
2.5: 830A.000
2.5 i.e.: 830A4.000

GTV/Spider V6 TB power

is… 147kW (200CV)

9 documents provided by manufacturer regarding the CORRECT GTV/Spider V6 TB power, both Phase 1 and Phase 2. All state 147kW (200CV) not 148 not 149. It does not matter if You found a journalist or a register that provides other information. MANUFACTURER states 147kW. See brochures, owner’s manual, workshop manual, press kit.

1995-press-kit 1996 GTV brochure 1999 spider brochure SONY DSC 1998-GTV-workshop-manual 1998-Spider-workshop-manual 1995 GTV brochure 1996 GTV brochure 2 1998 spider brochure

Also on Wikipedia the entry, edited by me, states 147kW, so untill a hard evidence is provided this value will not be changed.

Limited editions from Japan part 5

Limited editions from Japan, part 5
Alfa 155 TI-Z, 24 examples
2.0 TS engine uprated to 170 PS, special bodykit, rear spoiler, rims. Zagato Design badge on rear doors.
Years: 1993-1997

Alfa 155 Ti-Z for sale on carsensor.net

U00000890795_3_002 U00000890795_003L U00000890795_6_001 U00000890795_7_001 U00000890795_11_001

Alfa 155 Ti-Z for sale on carsensor.net

U00006016952_001L U00006016952_3_001 U00006016952_6_001 U00006016952_16_001 U00006016952_19_001

Register: http://www.geocities.jp/esse_quattro/TI-Z4.html

Limited editions from Japan part 4

Limited editions from Japan, part 4
Ferrari 612 Scaglietti ‘Ferrari and Cornes 30th Anniversary’
Limited to 20 units
Years: 2007
Special body kit and two-tone interior on all cars.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti ‘Ferrari and Cornes 30th Anniversary’ for sale on carsensor.net

U00014634887_1_001 U00014634887_001L U00014634887_19_001 U00014634887_17_001 U00014634887_16_001 U00014634887_15_001 U00014634887_14_001 U00014634887_11_001 U00014634887_5_001 U00014634887_4_001 U00014634887_3_001 U00014634887_2_001

Note: This is not an edition commemorating Cornes’ 30th anniversary. Cornes was established in 1861.

Limited editions from Japan part 2

Limited editions from Japan, part 2
Alfa 145 Serie Speciale, based on 2.0 QV, probably 500 examples
Colours: silver and Alfa red.
Years: 2001

Alfa 145 serie speciale n.446 for sale on goo-net-exchange.com
9571571A30150904W00101 9571571A30150904W00109 9571571A30150904W00111 9571571A30150904W00114 9571571A30150904W00119

Alfa 145 serie speciale n.090 for sale on carsensor.net
U00012981114_002L U00012981114_3_002 U00012981114_6_001 U00012981114_5_001 U00012981114_7_001

Alfa 145 serie speciale for sale on carsensor.net
U00007549295_001L U00007549295_4_001 U00007549295_6_001 U00007549295_12_001

Alfa 145 serie speciale n.457 for sale on carsensor.net
70095101763016010400100 9510176A30160104W00119 9510176A30160104W00116 9510176A30160104W00114 9510176A30160104W00105

Alfa 145 serie speciale n.226 for sale on carsensor.net
0700136A30150222W00304 0700136A30150222W00311 0700136A30150222W00303 0700136A30150222W00314 0700136A30150222W00319