8C relation to 4C

Someone was constantly trying to ‘update’ wikipedia with his opinion that an Alfa 4C is a successor to an Alfa 8C Competizione. After a long struggle to keep the vandal away, person in question tried even to find a ‘half-pint’ source to his ‘half-pint’ factual opinion.
Just because some journalist called a 4C half-pint successor to 8C Competizione does not make it so. Also an argument that some car is indirectly related to other just because they are both Alfa Romeo’s is a bit too weak.
My reply on wikipedia’s corresponding talk pages:

“Alfa 8C Competizione is not a predecessor to the 4C, directly nor indirectly. 8C is a V8 front engined, 2 seater, gran turismo, limited production. 4C is a carbon-tub, mid engined, 4 cyl, 2 seater sports car, mass produced. No reltion. And ‘indirectly’ every car is related to every other car. Please don’t change it again. ”

Hope You all agree with this, factual, opinion

GTV Alfa Corse

1995 GTV Alfa Corse for sale at carsensor.net. Beige Leather seats and no limited edition plaque. Also please note the different front bumper lower lip and single exhaust.

U00013163819_1_001 U00013163819_001L U00013163819_2_001 U00013163819_3_001 U00013163819_10_001 U00013163819_4_001 U00013163819_7_001 U00013163819_8_001 U00013163819_9_001 U00013163819_6_001 U00013163819_5_001

Maybe it’s just an aftermarket tuning. Original edition should have a 230PS engine.

MadFly-Art’s 6th Anniversary


We are celebrating 6th anniversary of MadFly-Art. For next 3 weeks all commissions will be credited with 6% discount (till 21st of May), applicable to all levels from Table2 to Masters8.
Additionally we will be selling out most of our beautiful miniatures on eBay, starting from 1$ (not including contest nor very recent miniatures).
Also we will present a Lilith model from Nocturna on new Masters8 level. And it will be sold on eBay as well.

We would like to thank all our faithfull customers, friends and supporters that made it all possible.

Best regards
Yaroslav Bozhdynsky

Version code mystery

Up to this point a B-suffix in a version code was an indication that the car is a limited edition.
But recent find showed a ‘regular’ car with B-suffix on it’s VIN plate.

2002: 916C1B00 33B

11354750_1010425322324252_475952316_n 11304305_1010425125657605_778767042_n 10609382_1010425155657602_1359967274_n 11216289_1010439188989532_1232676277_n 11354886_1010442728989178_1949116266_n

If You have a B-suffix on Yours car VIN plate, please contact me.

World of Tanks invite codes from Razer


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