Limited editions from Japan part 6

Limited editions from Japan, part 6
Alfa 156 Rosso Corse, 300 examples
2.0 TS engine and 5-speed Selespeed transmission, special Zender bodykit, rear spoiler, white rims. Center console and B-pillar in carbon effect. RHD. Rosso Alfa with anthracite fabric seats. Rosso Corse with quadrifoglio badge.
Years: 2001-2002


Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

GTV Daytona limited edition

On facebook a new limited edition poped up, or it seems like it.

Striking is the high number of examples made, almost 90 and yet no one saw this for sale. Reason for this might be that the badge is not clearly visible from the outside. Unknown is who hade this edition and how many examples in reality were made. Zender kit is probably added later. VIN number indicates a Phase 1b car, so does the rectangular climate controls, but the steering wheel is older. Unknown is what special features distinguish this edition.

As for now this edition will not be added to my findings, even though there are non-factory editions like Alfa Corse.

Star Citizen

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Ariete 1385 model list

Completely redone model list with every producer and every model there was

Check it out at the bottom of the page. Please contact me if You have this coffee maker and have any interesting info about it and send over some pics of the serial number sticker.

Ariete Cafe Retro 1385

Spider Serie Speciale 2004 rims

Spider Serie Speciale 2004 rims are quite different from simillar rims from alfa 156 Ti or 166 Ti. Look opposite the airvent, Ti versions have a special logo, which Spiders rims lacks. Also their size is different.

156 Ti 7×17″ and Ti logo

166 Ti 7×17″ and Ti logo

Spider Serie Speciale 2004 7,5×17″ and no Ti logo

Special thanks to Diego.

916 2-piece steering wheel

916 2-piece steering wheel of perforated leather limited editions. Motus and Edizione Sportiva Spider

Standard 3-spoke, single-piece steering wheel. From M.Y.1997 till the end of production.
0286821808011 0294032809015 0293874258006

Leather 2-piece steering wheel from Motus and Edizione Sportiva Spider. M.Y.2002. Inner piece, that is not the horn piece, is covered in perforated leather. Also with red stitching.
0299136309021 0295333508010 0281296963008

Wooden trimmed 2-piece steering wheel from M.Y.2003 (Was it an earlier option also?)
0278804060008 0298706622007