Alfa Romeo 155 speciale versione Giappone ‘Final Edition’
Numbered plaque on the outside and inside.
V6 250 examples (SS.GIAPPONE (2.5 V6)), 2.0 TS 500 examples.
Colours: Rosso Alfa, dark blue, black.
Interior: 157 Dark grey cloth
Years: 5-7/1997

2.5 V6
MVS: 167.949.0.1 – 2.5 V6 SS.GIAPPONE GUIDA DESTRA

2.0 TS
MVS: 167.848.0.0 – T.SPARK 2.0 16V ‘S’
Version: 167A2G
Engine code: AR67204

Alfa 155 V6 speciale versione 006/250 for sale on
U00012649993_003L U00012649993_5_002 U00012649993_9_002 U00012649993_10_002 U00012649993_8_003 U00012649993_17_002

Alfa 155 V6 speciale versione 126/250 for sale on
U00017042809_001L U00017042809_4_001 U00017042809_12_001 U00017042809_11_001 U00017042809_9_001

Alfa 155 V6 speciale versione 147/250 for sale on
U00014039040_001L U00014039040_5_001 U00014039040_6_001 U00014039040_8_001 U00014039040_9_001 U00014039040_16_001

Alfa 155 V6 speciale versione 222/250 for sale on

Alfa 155 TS speciale versione 035/500 for sale on
U00016597543_001L U00016597543_6_001 U00016597543_10_001 U00016597543_12_001 U00016597543_16_001 U00016597543_19_001

Alfa 155 TS speciale versione 104/500 for sale on
U00011058984_002L U00011058984_3_002 U00011058984_5_001 U00011058984_6_001 U00011058984_9_001

Alfa 155 TS speciale versione 129/500 for sale on
U00012748973_001L U00012748973_5_001 U00012748973_10_001 U00012748973_1_001

Alfa 155 TS speciale versione 313/500 for sale on

Alfa 155 TS speciale versione 325/500 in pale blue for sale on

Press release:

January 14, 1998
Alfa 155 final special commemoration model appeared

German · Touring Car Championship (DTM) which was competed by the ultimate saloon car which was tuned with the key of high-tech comparable to F-1. The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), which the majority of the world’s major automobile manufacturers participated and fought a fierce battle. Alfa 155 is the high performance sporty saloon that represents the 1990s, the only one in the world that won both titles. While being missed by fans all over the world, the production of the Alfa 155 series has finished so recently.

Fiat Auto Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Gracimos Dreizas) responded to the voice of the enthusiastic Japanese Alfa Romeo fans and will only sell the final special memorial model of the Alfa 155 series in Japan . This memorial model features a sticker of the four leaf clover symbolizing Alfa Romeo’s <Cuore Sportivo> <Quadriorio> and a plate stamped with a serial number that is a proof of a special memorial model on one car I did it.

2.0 TWIN SPARK 500 units, 2.5 V 6 250 units limited sales. We will present you a certificate certifying that it is the final special memorial model of the Alfa 155 series for customers who bought it.

At 77 Alfa Romeo Authorized Dealers nationwide, the opening date varies depending on the region, but starting from January 17 (Saturday) 18th (Sunday), from January to February “ARRIVEDERCI ALFA 155” goodbye 155 fair We will hold it.

● ALFA 155 2.5V 6
Water cooled V6 SOHC 12 V, 2,492 cc, 163 ps / 5,800 rpm (DIN), 22.0 kgm / 4,500 rpm (DIN)
Tokyo district requested vehicle body price ¥ 3,840,000.

Water cooled direct 4 DOHC 16 V twin spark, 1,969 cc, 150 ps / 6,200 rpm (DIN), 19.0 kgm / 4,000 rpm (DIN)
Tokyo district desired car body price ¥ 3,390,000.