First major facelift for GTV/Spider range. Some call it phase 2 I named it phase 2a to differentiate it from later Euro3 oriented phase 2b.

Introduced in April 1998 phase 2a brought many changes to the range, cosmetic, mechanical and even more options to choose from. Presentation took place at 67th Turin International Motor Show. This phase also reffered to as M.Y 1998 spanned 04/1998-07/2000.

What was introduced?
144 bhp-106 kW 1.8 T. Spark 16V engine
200 bhp-147 kW 2.0 V6 turbo engine for Spider on italian market
aerodynamic kitfor GTV (black front spoiler and body-coloured rear spoiler with built-in third brake light)
six-speed gearbox for Alfa Gtv 3.0 V6 24V
17″ wheels for GTV
new black strip has been added between hood cover and boot
Blue Style and Red Style interiors
electrically-controlled heated tilting front seats for GTV
wiring for a car phone
Tyrekit, an alternative to the conventional spare wheel
New pastel colour Bianco Polare
New metallic colours: Eclipse Grey, Blu Vela, Zoe Yellow, Victoria Blue
Iridescent paint: Azzurro Nuvola for GTV and Verde Oasi for Spider

What was changed?
2.0 T. Spark 16V engine got variable lenght intake manifold and power increase from 150 bhp-110 kW to 155 bhp-114 kW and plastic cover
sideskirts, car-coloured bumpers and side strips
wheel rim design and a new 16″ wheel design
exhaust tailpipe: chrome-plated stainless steel on the Alfa Spider and black for the Alfa Gtv
front shield is now framed by a chrome-plated moulding
A black, scored door sill plate bears the wording Alfa Romeo in aluminium-grey
modified instrument and control facia and central console
climate control system is now automatic
brand new cloth trim for the seats and door panels
gear knob, mats and boot lining
previously white Momo leather seats were replaced with black Momo leather seats
plastic (nylon strengthened with fibreglass) intake manifold for a t.spark engines
blue instead of beige Spider hood option
electronic throttle body on 3.0 V6 24v

What was taken away?
spare wheel and nothing else!

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