Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototype

Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototypes
In 1998 a few cars were factory fitted with 2.4 JTD engines.

VIN numbers not registered in ePer. No homologation number on VIN plate as it was on a paper document.
MVS: 108.550.1.0 – 2400 JTD. 10V 5 CIL. GAMMA’98
Version code: 838CL1AA 47
Engine code: 838A8.000


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Maserati Mistral Spyder Design Story

This case will bring better understanding and update Your views of origins of Maserati Mistral and of it’s designers and bodymakers.

First of all the most basic information is that the Mistral Coupé was designed by Pietro Frua and was bodied at Martelleria Maggiora in Turin from 1963. Mr. Frua had sold his own workshop in 1957 to Ghia. It is to some extent incorrect to state that coachwork is by Frua when it is by Maggiora. Just like when Boano designed the Aurelia B20 GT but it was coachbuilt by Pinin Farina.

Now we move to Mistral Spyder. An interesting piece of informtion was stated and maintained by Maserati Classiche:

“Last but not least, regarding the Maserati Mistral Spyder we inform you that there is no mistake in the text. The coupé Mistral (2 posti) was indeed designed by Mr. Pietro Frau. The Mistral Spyder however, was not. In order to create a Spyder model out of the original Mistral model, the whole vehicle was reworked and redesigned (of course the inspiration is from the original Mistral) but the work was carried out by Mr. Giovanni Michelotti.” (Interview with Maserati Heritage)

And still the Spyder, same as with Coupé, was bodied at Maggiora, but under a different designer, Mr. Michelotti. So now it is completely incorrect to state ‘coachbuilt by Frua’ as both times the title lies with Maggiora of Turin.

GTV/Spider Euro 3 emissions

916 Euro 3 emissions, You probably knew the combined values but didn’t know the urban and extra-urban values of emissions.

COemissions / Fuel economy 1999/100/CE



COemissions g/km:








[l/100 km

[l/100 km

3.0 V6 24V
218 PS

AR 16105







2.0 TS
150 PS

AR 32310







So what’s so important about this post: the fuel consumption and combined values are long published but the urban emissions values You haven’t seen before.

Limited editions from Japan part 7

Maserati Quattroporte IV Cornes Serie Speciale
Numbered edition, 50 examples, V6 and V8 Evoluzione. All automatic (this is probably due to market specifics). Maserati badge inserted into C-door-pillar. Blue Sebring Met. and Quarzo Dolomite Met. are most common exterior colours. Even though Evoluziones had the Lassale clock replaced with trident, this edition retains the original clock.

Cornes Serie Speciale 37/50 for sale on AutoScout24.

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Cornes Serie Speciale for sale on

0561007A20121209W00301 0561007A20121209W00302 0561007A20121209W00312 0561007A20121209W00309 0561007A20121209W00306

Cornes Serie Speciale 07/50 for sale on

Cornes Serie Speciale 03/50 for sale on

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Limited editions from Japan part 6

Alfa Romeo 156 Rosso Corse, 300 examples
2.0 TS engine and 5-speed Selespeed transmission, special Zender bodykit, rear spoiler, white rims. Center console and B-pillar in carbon effect. RHD. Rosso Alfa with anthracite fabric seats. Rosso Corse with quadrifoglio badge.
Years: 2001-2002
116.824.0.0 – BN 2.0 TS 16V CF2 RICCO SELESPEED
Interior 158 Blitz Antracite Fabric
No information about engine being uprated


Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at

Alfa 156 Rosso Corse for sale at