There is a pattern emerging when researching Australian-market limited editions for Spider. With only 3 spiders found so far fot the ‘Duetto‘ edition, all of them are Giallo Ginestra (at first glance, and most probably are) and most, if all, have anthracite fabric (dark blue cloth) seats. And of course the infamous (‘lousy’) sticker! As for the engines right now only 2.0 TS have been found. Still to confirm is what years were the cars from as most sellers and/or owners do tend to claim different things.

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As for the ‘Millenium‘ Spider another pattern that emerged is red-black interior. Either black dashboard with red seats and, finally correct, red carpets. Or, red facia with black seats and black carpets (known as ‘the other Red Style’). The latter is also found in Europe although much rarer. Exterior colours with 2 new cars found both black (3 in total). Up to this point there were found 2 cars with red seats and 2 cars with red dashboard. Engines: all 4 2.0 TS. ‘Lousy’ sticker? Present!

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