Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototype

Lancia Kappa Coupé 2.4 JTD prototypes
In 1998 a few cars were factory fitted with 2.4 JTD engines.

VIN numbers not registered in ePer. No homologation number on VIN plate as it was on a paper document.
MVS: 108.550.1.0 – 2400 JTD. 10V 5 CIL. GAMMA’98
Version code: 838CL1AA 47
Engine code: 838A8.000


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Gamma Coupé production tables update

New tables, first one deduced from both sides based on the series-specific production data from the other, with still 1 example missing. Looks like first examples of FL MY ’80 were in fact made by the end of ’79. Updated on wikipedia. Also a fun fact: both cars were designed by Pininfarina, but apparently only coupé by Mr Brovarone.


From Lancia: A story of technological innovation in the car industry:
Gamma Coupé, Number produced: 7,089 units (from 1976 to 1984)


Gamma Berlina 2.0 830AB2
Gamma Berlina 2.5 830AB
Gamma Berlina 2.5 i.e. 830AB4
Gamma Coupé 2.0 830AC2
Gamma Coupé 2.5 830AC
Gamma Coupé 2.5 i.e 830AC4

Engine Tipos
2.0: 830A2.000
2.5: 830A.000
2.5 i.e.: 830A4.000