Great Game Survival Guide

For Stranded Deep developers

This short essay is dedicated to game developers of this so far very good survival game.From the first screenshots i laid my eyes upon i knew this was a game for me. Robinson Crusoe and Castaway were the first images that popped back into my memory. The struggle, the creation, the survival. This game does not dissapoint, it has all of them. There are times when the struggle is very minimal and played quickly goes from trying to survive to fulfilling his more complex needs like building a roman villa replica with atrium in the middle (guilty), and gathering a boatload of coconuts that he won’t even eat.
There were games also that were an immediate flashback: FarCry3, Sims Castaway Stories and Minecraft. And all 3 should be taken into consideration and if, inspiration. From FarCry should be taken animal control an fight system, there were sharks, but they were managable when they attacked. Also the self repair system was quite survival-oriented and easy to use. Sims had an abundance of early struggle, resources gathering, building shelter (simple shelters should be considered strongly) to fulfilling complex needs. And Minecraft. Interaction with enviroment, crafting, remodelling the enviroment. The last one is a most important Minecraft feature and it a bit lacks in Stranded Deep. I still cannot dig a hole to sh… I still cannot move some sand to meet with my growing [villa] foundations. Right now i can only chop trees, which is a start. Also the interactions with objects should be much more complex. Between rock and tree, lighter and bush, there is so much potential for physics sandbox in this pacific sand box. On the other hand all interactions should be standarised, some are via mouse click some are via dragging, and this is confusing.
When reminding Castaway i noticed that the island was much bigger and feel that not 2 islands should be the same. Not all of them should be big but not all of them should be that small (my villa will need a garden).
Some parts of this game are realistic but some will, and are, eventually dumbed down, like the speed of the raft now is olympian gold medal quick. It’s nice to avoid the sharks but this was meant to be realistic survival game.
Last thing, remember, our main character is a bussinessman, he’s got family and friends and life to get back to, but the players won’t want to leave the island they played so many hours turning into a tropical retreat (*ehem* with villa), so there really should be a way to miss the rescue party and stay for a bit longer in this beautifull surroundings.
Expenctations are great, with a bit of fear that this will turn into a short arcade survival game for couple hours and not proper survival-crafting game it should be for many many days in which time players could really turn this unfortunate accident into their piece of paradise.
You guys have a huge potential laying in Your hands. Very good so far, keep it up.Yaroslav Bozhdynsky