My World of Tanks service record:

Lehväslaiho’s Medal x30 lehveslaiho, Pascucci’s Medal x28 pascucciOrlik’s Medal x6
naydin naydin naydin   radley radley radley radley radley radley radley radley radley

Record score:
Maximum experience in a battle:

1752/2628 (usa-a117_t26e5_patriot T26E5 Patriot logos )
1696/2544 (AnnoA66_M103 M103 logos )
1679/2519 ( KV-122 logos )
1647/2471 (AnnoA63_M46_Patton_KR M46 Patton KR logos)
1637/2456 (AnnoCh26_59_Patton 59-Patton logos)

Maximum damage in a battle:

7669 ( WZ-111 model 5A logos )
7480 ( WZ-111 model 5A logos )
7276 (AnnoA66_M103 M103 logos )
7233 ( WZ-111 model 5A logos )
6840 (AnnoGB12_Conqueror Conqueror logos )
6814 ( WZ-111 model 5A)
6718 ( WZ-111 model 5A)
6236 ( WZ-111 model 5A)
6058 ( WZ-111 model 1-4 logos )

Maximum destroyed in a battle:

9 (AnnoCh14_T34_3 T-34-3 logos/AnnoF09_AMX_50_120 AMX 50 120 logos/ussr-r116_isu122c_berlin ISU-122S logos )


Tanks to buy soon:

IXAnnoR109_T54S T-54 ltwt.

Next in line, researched tanks:
XAnnoE-100 E 100
XAnnoF10_AMX_50B AMX 50 B


Reward tanks to earn:
XIAnnoG105_T-55_NVA_DDR T-55A PremiumIcon2 3/5
XAnnoR110_Object_260 Object 260 PremiumIcon2 0/5


CamouflageNet Stereoscope Toolbox

CamouflageNet Stereoscope ImprovedVentilation

ImprovedVentilation AimingStabilizer Rammer

ImprovedVentilation AimingStabilizer Rammer
Autoloader HT X-
CoatedOptics ImprovedVentilation AimingStabilizer

TD IX+/-
CamouflageNet Stereoscope Rammer

CamouflageNet EnhancedAimDrives Rammer



Commander_sixthSense Camouflage Camouflage Camouflage
Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood
Radioman_finder Commander_eagleEye Driver_badRoadsKing Repair

Commander_sixthSense Repair Repair Repair Repair
Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood
Driver_smoothDriving Gunner_smoothTurret Driver_badRoadsKing Loader_pedant Radioman_finder

Commander_sixthSense Camouflage Camouflage Repair Repair
Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood Brotherhood
Commander_eagleEye Driver_virtuoso Driver_smoothDriving Camouflage Camouflage


My rules:
I don’t use derp-guns. I don’t play in clans. I don’t use bots. I don’t teamkill. I don’t shoot into the ground on battle start…
I don’t spend free exp on tanks, I grind them, sometimes I’ll use free exp on crucial modules. Will use free exp on 2 occasions on new tanks when there are 2 branches, each worth 200k exp (T-54 and AMX 13 90).
Only Tier VIII and above get 100% trained crews. I don’t train crews in premium tanks. I don’t swap crews, each crew only plays in their original tank.
Tiers IX and above and most premium tanks get camo and some equipment. Tier X gets everything on full. I don’t use combat rations.
I mostly buy new tanks, garages, camo and crews on discount. I don’t sell tanks (apart for some I-III Tier for garage space).

My goals:
1. To have every tank. And an elite status on it.
2. To have an Ace Tanker on every tank.
3. To have 1 or 2 Marks of Excellence on every tier V+ tank.
4. To have 100% trained crew and full first perk, ie. 6th sense, on every tier V+ tank