FRANCEflag France:

Premium tanks to buy:
VIIIAnnoF73_M4A1_Revalorise M4A1 Revalorise GoldIcon2
VIIIfrance-f74_amx_m4_1949_liberte AMX M4 mle. 49 Liberte PremiumIcon2
VIII AMX M4 mle. 49 PremiumIcon2
VIII AMX Canon d’assaut 105 PremiumIcon2

IAnnoRenaultFT  Renault FT Ace Tanker ace_tanker
IIAnnoHotchkiss_H35  Hotchkiss H35 Class_icons_1
shot_119 shot_070
IIfrance-f50_fcm36_20t FCM 36
IIfrance-f49_renaultr35 Renault R35
IIAnnoD1  D1 mastery_badge_class_i
IIIAnnoAMX38  AMX 38 Class_icons_2
IVAnnoAMX40 AMX 40 mastery_badge_class_i
VAnnoELC_AMX AnnoF62_ELC_AMX AMX ELC bis Class_icons_2
VIfrance-amx_12t AnnoF15_AMX_12t AMX 12t Class_icons_2
shot_182 shot_151 shot_006 shot_020 shot_041
VIIfrance-f69_amx13_57_100_grandfinal AMX 13 57 GF PremiumIcon2 mastery_badge_class_i, Pascucci’s Medal pascucci, 1 Mark of Excellence
Gifted in 2015 for attending Grand Finals in Warsaw
CamouflageNet Stereoscope ImprovedVentilation
shot_057 shot_131 shot_019 shot_040 shot_103 shot_015 shot_004
VIIAnnoAMX_13_75 AnnoF16_AMX_13_75 AMX 13 75 mastery_badge_class_i, Pascucci’s Medal pascucci, 1 Mark of Excellence
CamouflageNet Stereoscope ImprovedVentilation
shot_011 shot_003 shot_010 shot_012 shot_008
VIII Bat.-Châtillon 12 t mastery_badge_class_i, Orlik’s Medal x2
CamouflageNet Stereoscope ImprovedVentilation
IX20160629061607!AnnoF17_AMX_13_90 AnnoF17_AMX_13_90 AMX 13 90 Class_icons_2
CamouflageNet Stereoscope ImprovedVentilation
X AMX 13 105


IIIAnnoD2  D2 Class_icons_2
IIIfrance-f44_somua_s35 Somua S35 Class_icons_1
shot_092 shot_105 shot_152
IVAnnoF70_SARL42 SARL 42 Ace Tanker x2 ace_tanker ace_tanker, Lehväslaiho’s Medal lehveslaiho
shot_171 shot_167 shot_145
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VAnnoF11_Renault_G1R Renault G1 Class_icons_2

VIIIAnnoF68_AMX_Chasseur_de_char_46 AMX Chasseur de chars GoldIcon2 mastery_badge_class_i, 1 Mark of Excellence
shot_029 shot_031 shot_102 shot_004 shot_014 shot_021 shot_025
VIII Lorraine 40 t PremiumIcon2 mastery_badge_class_i, Lehväslaiho’s Medal x6 lehveslaiho lehveslaiho lehveslaiho lehveslaiho lehveslaiho lehveslaiho, 1 Mark of Excellence
Stereoscope AimingStabilizer ImprovedVentilation
IXAnnoF71_AMX_30_prototype AMX 30 1er prototype
IXAnnoF75_Char_de_25t Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP mastery_badge_class_i
CoatedOptics AimingStabilizer ImprovedVentilation

XAnnoF18_Bat_Chatillon25t  Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
XAnnoF72_AMX_30 AMX 30 B

IVAnnoB1  B1 Class_icons_2
VAnnoBDR_G1B BDR G1 B mastery_badge_class_i
VIAnnoARL_44 AnnoF06_ARL_44 ARL 44 Ace Tanker ace_tanker

VIIAnnoAMX_M4_1945 AnnoF07_AMX_M4_1945 AMX M4 mle. 45 mastery_badge_class_i
shot_256 shot_267 shot_316 shot_398
VIIIAnnoAMX_50_100 annof08_amx_50_100 AMX 50 100 Ace Tanker x3 ace_tanker ace_tanker ace_tanker, 1 Mark of Excellence
shot_416 shot_016 shot_028
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VIIIAnnoFCM_50t annof65_fcm_50t FCM 50t GoldIcon2 Ace Tanker x2 ace_tanker ace_tanker


IXannoamx_50_120 AnnoF09_AMX_50_120 AMX 50 120 Ace Tanker ace_tanker, Radley-Walter’s Medalradley, Pascucci’s Medal pascucci, 1 Mark of Excellence
shot_007 shot_017 
X20150925071001!AnnoF10_AMX_50B AnnoF10_AMX_50B AMX 50 B

IIAnnoRenaultFT_AC Renault FT AC Class_icons_1
shot_133 shot_134
IIIAnnoFCM_36Pak40 annof27_fcm_36pak40 FCM 36 Pak 40 PremiumIcon2 Class_icons_1
IIIAnnoRenaultUE57 Renault UE 57 Class_icons_2
IVAnnoSomua_Sau_40 Somua SAu 40 mastery_badge_class_i
VAnnoS_35CA S35 CA Class_icons_2
VIAnnoARL_V39  ARL V39 mastery_badge_class_i, 1 Mark of Excellence
shot_306 shot_311 shot_342 shot_404
VIIAnnoAMX_AC_Mle1946 AMX AC mle. 46 mastery_badge_class_i
shot_134 shot_006 shot_050 shot_064
VIIIAnnoAMX_AC_Mle1948 AnnoF36_AMX_AC_Mle1948 AMX AC mle. 48 Ace Tanker x2 ace_tanker ace_tanker, 1 Mark of Excellence
CamouflageNet Stereoscope Rammer
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IXAnnoF37_AMX50_Foch annof37_amx50_foch AMX 50 Foch Class_icons_2, Pascucci’s Medal pascucci, 1 Mark of Excellence
CamouflageNet Stereoscope Rammer

XAnnoF64_AMX_50Fosh_155 AMX 50 Foch (155) PremiumIcon2
X AMX 50 Foch B mastery_badge_class_i
Stereoscope EnhancedAimDrives ImprovedVentilation

IIAnnoRenaultBS Renault FT 75 BS mastery_badge_class_i
IIIAnnoLorraine39_L_AM  Lorraine 39L AM mastery_badge_class_i
VIAnnoAMX_Ob_Am105  AMX 105 AM mle. 47 Class_icons_1
VAnno_105_leFH18B2 AnnoF28_105_leFH18B2 105 leFH18B2 PremiumIcon2
VAnnoAMX_105AM  AMX 13 105 AM mle. 50 Ace Tanker ace_tanker
VIAnnoF23_AMX_13F3AM  AMX 13 F3 AM Class_icons_2Stark’s Medal
VIIAnnoF24_Lorraine155_50  Lorraine 155 mle. 50
VIIIAnnoF25_Lorraine155_51  Lorraine 155 mle. 51
IXAnnoF67_Bat_Chatillon155_55  Bat.-Châtillon 155 55
XAnnoF38_Bat_Chatillon155_58  Bat.-Châtillon 155 58