Maserati 4200 EVO

Maserati 4200 EVO by G&S Exclusive.
2 made (blue and orange), based on Maserati Coupé Cambiocorsa.
GranTurismo-look, Capristo exhaust, 460 PS.
20″ rims, OZ Granturismo or Ultraleggera.
Orange car had rear lights converted to 3200 GT-spec.

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Quattroporte Evoluzione 2.0 problem

Some sources show that Quattroporte IV Evoluzione was available with 2.0 V6 engine, when in fact Ferrari management dropped it for couple reasons. Firstly to upscale the whole marque and secondly to distance it’s reputation from the 2.0 Biturbos. And after this change and the introduction of 3200 GT, whole Maserati lineup was made up of 2.8 and 3.2 capacity engines.

Old production numbers:
Quattroporte Evoluzione 2.0 V6 200
Quattroporte Evoluzione 2.8 V6 190
New production numbers:
Quattroporte Evoluzione 2.8 V6 390

Reason: the other remaining model is a V8 Evoluzione and it’s production numbers are not changed, so all the available numbers should be counted as (2.8) V6 Evoluzione.

From Maserati Classiche:
“The Quattroporte Evoluzione model was manufactured only with the engines V6 of 2.790cc and V8 of 3.217cc.”

Limited editions from Japan part 7

Maserati Quattroporte IV Cornes Serie Speciale
Numbered edition, 50 examples, V6 and V8 Evoluzione. All automatic (this is probably due to market specifics). Maserati badge inserted into C-door-pillar. Blue Sebring Met. and Quarzo Dolomite Met. are most common exterior colours. Even though Evoluziones had the Lassale clock replaced with trident, this edition retains the original clock.

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Limited editions from Japan part 3

Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’
Japanese market
Italian flag on front wings
’10th Anniversary’ logo on kick plates
Plaque on central tunnel
Carbon rear nolder
19” Trofeo design alloy rims with “ball-polished” treatment
light blue dials

35 units made
18 Nero Carbonio with tan interior and 17 Bianco Eldorado with blue interior

Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’ for sale on

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Maserati GranSport ‘Maserati and Cornes 10th Anniversary’ for sale on

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Maseratis at Maranello

On National Geographic’s ‘Magafactories: Ferrari 599 GTB’ there are some Maseratis being painted at Marabello. And as the Maserati factory was being modernized at that time it seamed that Coupé, Spyder and Quattroporte V may have been asembled at Ferrari’s plat in Maranello. Maserati Classiche explained that at that time only paintjob was supplied by Ferrari and those models were assembled at Maserati, Modena.

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