Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale by Franco Scaglione. Coachbuilt by Carrozzeria Marazzi. Tipo 750.33. First car with butterfly-doors. Built between November 1967 – March 1969.
Only 19 built (including prototype), some rebodied.

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Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Register

750.33.01  Prototype, sold to Gallery Abarth, Japan
750.33.101  First production example. First shipped to Henry Wessels III, Belgium
750.33.102  Should be in France, but is in Germany
750.33.103  Corsa ex Tony Fischhaber, ex Rosso-Bianco Museum, Germany
750.33.104  Ex Count Doenhoff, CdE winner at Villa d’Este 2011
750.33.105  Is in Germany
750.33.106  Corsa, ex Laureati, Germany
750.33.107  Corsa, with magnesium chassis, fiberglass body, racing gear and Daytona Motor (Spica fuel injection, 270 hp), a semi-racing, New Zealand
750.33.108  Rebodied into P33 Sport Roadster, then rebodied into Cuneo (Museo Storico)
750.33.109  Rebodied into Carabo (Museo Storico)
750.33.111  Ex Conde Agusta, original was painted blue, Hayashi, Japan
750.33.113  Renumbered to #750.33.133 Lawrence Auriana, Canada
750.33.114  Competition vehicle 33TT12, with a V8 engine, ‘Giro d’Italia Coupe’, Joe Nastase, USA
750.33.115  Rebodied into 33.2 (Museo Storico)
750.33.116  Rebodied into Iguana (Museo Storico) (other sources indicate chassis number is 105.331503510)
750.33.117  Rebodied into Navajo (Museo Storico)
105.33.12  Replica built in the late seventies on a used magnesium/Corsa chassis (Museo Storico)[]=142